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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

  • Is Ezy-As Available On Prescription
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    Ezy-As is available throughout the UK on Prescription and has been since 2009. Ask you Doctor or Nurse Practitioner for a prescription and take it along to your usual pharmacy or supermarket in store pharmacy and present prescription.

  • Is Ezy-As available on NHS Framework
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    Ezy-As is available throughout the UK on NHS Framework since March 1st 2017. Use NHS Codes to order. Sallis Healthcare Nottingham are the chosen distributors for this method of ordering.

  • Why Does Ezy-As Come In Different Colours
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    Ezy-As comes in three sizes to suit all arms and legs, use the sizing chart to measure the widest part of arm or leg and then convert this to a size or colour from chart. If your size overlaps then choose larger size. If you size is smaller or larger than listed sizes then it is OK to use the nearest size, the most difficult part of getting compression socks on is getting it over the ankle. If you are bigger than Large size you will still be able to do this difficult bit but may not be able to get the applicator all the way up the leg.

  • What Can I Clean Ezy-As With
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    Ezy-As can be cleaned with soap and water, it can be wiped down with alcohol wipes or hypochlorite in hospital settings to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) if using with multi patient use. It MUST NOT be autoclaved or put in a direct heat source as it will melt.

    Ezy-As has a one year manufacturing guarantee but is very sturdy and will last many years if looked after as above.

  • Why Does Ezy-As Have A Handle
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    Ezy-As has a universal handle which fits ALL three sizes, it is also available on prescription throughout UK. The handles purpose is to allow for extra reach when required e.g. if you have had a hip or knee operation and you can not bend then the handle will come in to its own.

    It clips on and off as required so you can remove it at a later time once reach has been regained or it can be left on long term.

  • Does Ezy-As Have Any Instructions For Use
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    Ezy-As Applicators and Handles come with full instruction book inside every product.

    There are Instruction Videos on YouTube Channel Link below in Footer and also on Ezy-As Micro Site (Button Below) there are downloadable PDF in English, Dutch, Italian and German with more translations to follow.

  • Does Sock-Eez Have A Sizing Chart
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    Sock-Eez only comes in one size only and there is no measuring required

  • Is Sock-Eez Available on Prescription
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    Sock-Eez is currently NOT available on prescription

  • Does Sock-Eez Have Any Instructions For Use
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    Sock-Eez come with full instruction with every product.

    There is a full Instruction Video on YouTube Channel Link below in Footer.

  • What Is Ezy-Glove
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    Ezy-Glove are specially designed Latex faced gloves with a breathable back and comfort elasticated cuffs. They are used for aiding grip and are especially useful in helping get compression garments on to any applicator, they are designed not to damage your garment but to give you that extra grip if you find it difficult loading garments on to applicators.

    WARNING - This product contains LATEX so if you have an allergy to LATEX then please DO NOT WEAR!

  • Is Ezy-Glove Available On Prescription
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    Ezy-Glove is currently NOT available on prescription

  • Does Ezy-Glove Have A Sizing Chart
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    Ezy-Glove comes in three sizes and are black in colour, there are a limited number of Pink ones left but these are limited.

  • What are Lipoelastic Compression Socks/Stockings/Tights
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    Lipoelastic is a Premium Brand of Clinically tested Compression Wear, the range comes in below, above knee and tights (pantyhose). Compression socks are graduated compression from ankle up the leg to aid blood flow. There are numerous reasons for wearing compression wear on legs from aiding tired legs, during pregnancy, helping to prevent spider or varicose veins, sitting all day or pre and post operatively.

  • Is Lipoelastic Range Available On Prescription
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    Lipoelastic Range is currently NOT available on prescription

  • Is Lipoelastic Range Unisex
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    Lipoelastic Range can be worn by men and women.

  • Does Lipoelastic Come In Various Colours
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    Lipoelastic Range comes in many colours and styles see individual types for colour range.

    Compression Wear does not have to be bland!

  • What Added Benefits Does Lipoelastic Range Have
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    Lipoelastic Range comes with many benefits from High IQ for Cool Comfort, Q-Skin for protecting against bacterial and body odour in garment, Silver Protect for inhibiting bacteria and fungal growth helping to maintain freshness in garment and Quiospheres Moist which helps moisturise skin.

    Different products have some, none or all of these and can be found on product descriptions.

  • Does Lipoelastic Range Have A Sizing Chart
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    The lipoelastic range has different size charts for Below, Above knee and Tights

  • What is e-Thrombosis
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    e-Thrombosis is the term given to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) caused by sitting for long periods.

    Do you sit down for more than 4 hours everyday? Do a diary but does you day sound like:

    Get Up - commute to work - sit down at work - commute back home - sit down and relax in the evening before going to bed?

    If your job entails sitting all day e.g. driving, lorry driving, then your risks are doubled.

    The cumulative effect of sitting increases your risk of DVT and compression wear is recommended.


  • How Long Do I Wait For My Product

    Orders received before 1400 are posted the same day during week at 1500 hours or 0900 on Saturday and are first class signed for. If order is received after 1400 it will be posted the next day. Deliveries in UK are normally within two days and all parcels are tracked.

    For larger orders (Cases) a delivery service is used and delivery is normally within two working days.

    Require something else - just ask!

Can't find the answer above? Then please contact me and I will answer your question directly. Thanks


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