...very important in every day life especially if you have a risk factor for getting a blood clot in your legs - commonoly known as a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or you have “tired” legs from standing all day. 

Sports people also wear compression socks or claflets to prevent the build up of lactic acid and help with recovery post exercise.

Sadly this day and age people are leading more sedentary lifestyles and youngsters are playing on line games, sitting for hours without hydration and breaks, these are high risk factors for getting a DVT. 

Women who are on oestrogen based tablets - Birth Control Pill, HRT or pregnant or 6 weeks post pregnancy are also a high risk group.

Obesity, smoking and other lifestyle choices all add to these risks.

Travelling in general, not just on planes, also adds to the risk, it is common to sit in traffic jams on daily commutes or if you drive for a living means youre in the car all day. Breaks for stretching and hydration are so important.

This is where compression garments help, they relieve symptoms of tired legs, they help keep the blood flow moving and help to lower your risks of a DVT.

So why MILK? These new additions in ATOM and ELLE branding are made from milk fibre, they are made from waste milk and hence very green. They come in 4 styles, 4 colours each stlye in each of the 2 brands. Therefore three is plenty of choice. 

They come in medical grade compression 18-22 mm Hg and are self wicking so your legs remain dry and moisturised. Milk fibre is also a fibre that prevents fungal and bacteril growth and prevents these happening to your feet and toes.

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