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NEW PRODUCTS Launching March 6/3/2021 World Lymphodema Day


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Compression Solutions has two types of applicators:

Ezy-As the multi award winning applicator for donning and doffing all classes of compression wear for arm, gloves or leg and stumps.

Sock-eez the anatomically shaped doffer for use on legs allows for extended reach and is also a shoe horn.

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Compression Solutions provides accessories for:

Universal Ezy-As Handle for use with ALL sizes of Ezy-As. The handle gives extended reach when bending is a problem or post operatively.

Ezy-Glove a super grip glove which gives added grip for applying garments.

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NEW PRODUCT - Funnel Advanced Shoehorn - Introductory offer 10% 0ff

  • "Paul is Very prompt with orders and quick both deliveries and email communications. Would recommend! i really appreciate the efficient service provided my Moore UK accommodating with deliveries. The Ezy-As stocking applicators are much in demand and a great quality and the availability has been made so efficient every time we order as Pharmacy"- Pharmacy Haverhill


  • "I have never used flight socks before and I used the Travel socks on a short flight to Egypt in July followed a week later long haul to New Orleans on business and they were surprisingly comfortable. My legs didn't ache or swell as they used to. Fantastic product and I wouldn't fly without them" - Paul D - Customer


  • "As the manager of a busy vascular surgery practice in Cambridge, I really appreciate the efficient service provided my Moore UK. Paul is quick to respond to my emailed orders and very accommodating with deliveries. The Ezy-As stocking applicators are much in demand and a great product for our patients"- Arterial and Vascular Surgeon - Mr G. - Cambridge


  • “The promptness and service levels from Moore UK Ltd were absolutely excellent, and Paul Moore, as an experienced health professional, really does understand the needs of his clients. I would strongly recommend this organisation to anyone, The level and style of professionalism we all thought had died out a long time ago” - Paula B. - Customer


  • "Equipped with the Ezy-As and also with a pair of EZY-gloves I am now totally independent and don't need help putting my high-level compression socks on or taking them off. Paul is a pleasure to deal with, the products that Paul sells really make a difference to people's lives. He provides and excellent service and is so knowledgeable and helpful."- Brian S. - Customer - Ireland


Clot Stopper

A new and innovative way of educating people about Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
www.dontbeaclot.com to meet Davey-Tand friends and join the campaign!

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